No Artist Has Supports Solidstar – Brother

In a heartfelt plea for assistance, Joseph Iniyezo, the brother of musician Joshua “Solidstar” Iniyezo, revealed the challenging mental health battle his sibling is facing. Despite their family’s relentless efforts to find a solution to Solidstar’s medical predicament, they’ve encountered insurmountable challenges.

Joseph took to Solidstar’s Instagram account to share a video, where he urgently appealed for support from friends, fans, and colleagues of the renowned ‘Omotena’ hit-maker.

Speaking exclusively to The Punch, Joseph disclosed that Solidstar’s declining career had driven him towards drug use. He expressed his deep concern, stating, “I have exhausted my financial resources, and the situation is beyond my means. I had access to his Instagram account because I used to manage him, but due to my job, I became occupied. However, I felt compelled to log in and inform his friends, fans, and fellow celebrities about his situation. It’s better to address it this way before videos of him struggling on the streets surface.”

Joseph further explained, “Solidstar is deeply troubled by the state of his career. He’s not the type to burden others by asking for help, but he needs to reconnect with his peers, which he’s hesitant to do. I believe that when one is in a low point, they should reach out, and reaching out doesn’t necessarily mean begging. This was a major trigger for him, compounding his depression, and adding substance abuse to his problems only exacerbated the situation.”

Joseph disclosed that Solidstar is currently undergoing treatment at a rehabilitation center, and there’s hope for his recovery.

Expressing his disappointment, Joseph said, “Everyone has their own struggles, but none of Solidstar’s colleagues have shown support. DJ Neptune reached out to me to verify if this was genuine, and I assured him it was. However, he mentioned he would call back, and I haven’t heard from him since. The only colleague who has extended support is the comedian Isoko boy. It’s primarily his fans and loved ones who have genuinely shown care and support during this challenging time.”

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