Nollywood’s Battle Against ‘Jezebel Daughters’: Charles Inojie Speaks Out

Renowned Nollywood actor and director, Charles Inojie, has recently voiced concerns about what he describes as a presence of “Jezebel daughters” within the Nigerian movie industry. He believes that their objective is to entice directors and producers by offering sexual favors in exchange for coveted movie roles.

In a candid conversation on The Honest Bunch Podcast, co-hosted by Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, also known as Nedu, Inojie shed light on the issue of sex-for-roles in Nollywood, emphasizing that it is not solely a practice initiated by filmmakers but is sometimes instigated by actresses themselves, who are willing to go to great lengths to secure prominent roles.

Inojie elaborated, “There are some actresses who can do anything just to be in front of the camera. And when you encounter a director or producer who is not morally steadfast, they may succumb. So, there are actresses like that. The issue of sex-for-role is not a one-sided problem; it goes both ways.”

He went on to express concern about the extent of desperation exhibited by certain individuals in the industry, which makes them susceptible to falling into the traps set by some producers and directors with questionable intentions. Inojie attributed this desperation to challenging backgrounds that some of these aspiring actresses may have faced.

Inojie’s candid remarks shed light on the complexities and challenges faced within the Nigerian movie industry, highlighting the need for greater awareness and vigilance to ensure a safe and ethical working environment for all involved.

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