OAP Dotun Responds to His Estranged Wife and Challenges DBanj for Proof of Rent Payments During His Marriage to Taiwo

OAP Dotun has responded to his estranged wife, Taiwo Oyebanjo’s recent statements. Taiwo had claimed that her brother, singer D’Banj, paid for the couple’s house rent during their marriage and even gifted Dotun the car he still uses. In his reply, Dotun clarified that the car Taiwo mentioned was a wedding gift from D’Banj. He also mentioned that he had gifted Taiwo a car as a push gift when she had one of their daughters. Dotun questioned if the house he purchased and her trip to the US to give birth to their daughters were also funded by D’Banj.

He further alleged that Taiwo had an abortion with an ex-boyfriend, who is a doctor, and attempted to wrongly attribute it to him.

Dotun also explained that their marriage had deteriorated because Taiwo seemed more connected to her brother and had given her mother the authority to make decisions. He urged her to stop apologizing to their daughters, whom she allegedly didn’t feel fulfilled having, and to let him know their whereabouts.

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