Oladips Open Up His Relationship With Qdot And Zlatan

Nigerian artist Oladipupo Olabode Oladimeji, aka Oladips, recently opened up about his relationship with fellow artist Qdot, known as Qudus Fakoya Oluwadamilare.

Qdot, reportedly among the first to announce Oladips’ “miraculous resurrection” on Instagram, expressed relief and shared a photo of the singer. Oladips revealed that his connection with Qdot faced challenges a year ago due to a falling out over a collaboration refusal.

Despite the setback, Oladips thanked indigenous rapper Zlatan for unwavering support, highlighting him as his steadfast best friend who consistently stood by him in times of need. Reflecting on the past,

Oladips mentioned a previous request to Qdot for a verse and the subsequent fallout, emphasizing Zlatan’s significant role in supporting him.

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