Paul Okoye Shares Mohbad’s Heartfelt Conversation on Harassment Before His Passing

After the heartbreaking loss of Nigerian singer Mohbad, music executive Paul Okoye, one half of the former P-Square duo, has offered new insights into the challenges the late artist faced.

In a heartfelt tribute on social media, Okoye shared that Mohbad had confided in him about the difficulties and harassment he was enduring shortly before his passing. Okoye revealed that Mohbad had been under immense pressure and faced mistreatment as an up-and-coming musician. Despite these hardships, Okoye also highlighted Mohbad’s inner strength and resilience.

Okoye praised Mohbad’s character, emphasizing the singer’s respectful, humble, and professional demeanor in their interactions. He expressed regret that Mohbad had to endure such turmoil and was unable to overcome it.

Although the specific details of the harassment Mohbad experienced remain unclear, Okoye’s revelation sheds light on the hidden struggles that many Nigerian artists encounter. Mohbad’s rapid rise in his career was accompanied by personal demons, tragically leading to his dramatic downfall.

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