Peter Obi Urges Government Action on Nigeria’s Dire Situation

The Labour Party’s 2023 presidential candidate, Peter Obi, has expressed deep concern over the dire situation in Nigeria, urging the government to urgently address the pressing issues.

In a statement posted on Monday via his X platform account, Obi lamented the alarming rate of kidnappings, with approximately 7,000 Nigerians abducted in the past year, including about 700 in the last three weeks. He highlighted the pervasive violent crimes, killings, and clashes across the country, leading to Nigeria being perceived as one of the world’s riskiest countries to live in.

Furthermore, Obi pointed out that Nigeria now has one of the highest levels of hunger globally, with an increasingly bleak economic outlook. He emphasized the critical need for the government to tackle the downward trend in basic amenities such as electricity, healthcare, and education.

The former Anambra State Governor emphasized that these challenges are deterring foreign investors and eroding the confidence of local investors. He cited a report by the Financial Times describing Nigeria’s kidnapping epidemic as a sign of a failed state, further undermining the country’s reputation.

Obi highlighted the poor state of electricity, noting that over 60% of Nigerians lack reliable power supply, leading to prolonged periods of darkness even in supposedly privileged areas. He also mentioned the alarming number of out-of-school children, which stands at about 20 million, calling for urgent action to provide basic education for these children.

In conclusion, Obi called on the federal government to prioritize critical sectors of the nation’s life by reallocating resources. He urged both the executive and legislative arms to address the numerous challenges facing Nigeria, emphasizing the need for sacrifice to build a new Nigeria.

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