Phyno and Burna Boy Release Vibrant Music Video For ‘Do I’ Remix

Phyno continues his triumphant journey from the festive season into 2024 by dropping the much-awaited official music video for the sizzling remix of “Do I,” featuring Burna Boy.

This vibrant and high-energy visual feast perfectly complements the upbeat tempo of the song, with Phyno and Burna Boy commanding the stage with charisma and infectious energy.

Their performances in the video embody the bold and carefree lyrics of the song, showcasing confidence and nonchalance that seamlessly align with the song’s message. The phrase “do I look like I give a fvck” from the lyrics comes to life in their spirited on-screen personas.

To add to the video’s allure, there are cameo appearances by notable names in the entertainment industry, including the celebrated comedian Mr. Funny, also known as Sabinus. Director Pink takes credit for the impressive cinematography, capturing the essence of the song in a visually compelling way.

Watch The Video Below;

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