Portable Delights in Spreading Christmas Joy by Introducing Charming Sons in Heartfelt Post

Street pop artist Habeeb Okikiola, widely known as Portable, gave a peek into his family life by introducing his three charming sons on social media. Displaying a festive vibe, Portable shared a heartwarming photo of his well-dressed kids with stylish eyeglasses on his Instagram story on December 25.

In the accompanying video, the Zazu king expressed genuine excitement and pride in his sons, hyping up their stylish outfits and encouraging them to showcase his signature pose, the ‘kala.’ The proud father’s enthusiasm was met with delight as the youngsters effortlessly replicated his iconic pose.

Portable’s social media post beautifully showcases his love and pride for his family, giving fans a unique peek into the artist’s personal life.


The artist’s genuine excitement and the evident connection among father and sons were unmistakable, creating a touching and memorable moment for those who witnessed the post.

Portable’s choice to celebrate Christmas by sharing this intimate family moment not only resonates with his fans but also humanizes the artist, revealing a side beyond his musical persona.

This gesture emphasizes the importance of family and the joy that comes with sharing special moments, even for public figures like Portable.

As the video continues to circulate on social media platforms, it serves as a heartening reminder of the universal nature of family celebrations and the joy that artists find in sharing their personal milestones with their audience.

Portable’s Christmas revelation not only adds a personal touch to the festive season but also reinforces the idea that, amid a vibrant career, family remains a cherished and celebrated aspect of life for the street pop artist.

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