Portable Unveils Musical Spark: Wizkid’s Influence and Dream Collab Aspirations

In a recent candid interview, the renowned street pop icon, Portable, known by the moniker Zazzuu, unveiled the secret behind his creative process, attributing his musical ingenuity to none other than Grammy award-winning artist, Wizkid.

Portable confessed that the beats of Wizkid’s remarkable projects resonate deeply with him, fueling his fuji-inspired tracks and propelling his unique sound to new heights.

Despite his admiration, Portable expressed his longing for a collaboration with the esteemed Wizkid. Regrettably, he revealed that Wizkid’s shift away from collaborations with street artists has hindered this aspiration. Recalling a memorable incident, Portable reminisced about being invited on stage by Wizkid during an event in Lagos. While he was fortunate to receive money from the Grammy-winning artist, much of his earnings were lost in the shuffle, pocketed by Poco Lee.

Beyond these revelations, the interview also delved into Portable’s strained relationship with fellow musician Seyi Vibez. Zazzuu disclosed that he had extended an invitation to Seyi Vibez to perform at his concert, but Seyi Vibez failed to make an appearance. This apparent discrepancy arose after Portable himself honored Seyi Vibez’s invitation to participate in a separate event.

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