President Tinubu Affirms Integrity of National Assembly Amid Budget Padding Allegations

President Bola Tinubu reassured the Senate leadership that the integrity of the National Assembly remains intact amid recent allegations of budget padding. Speaking at a dinner with the Senate leadership, Tinubu emphasized his administration’s commitment to fostering cooperation between the executive and judiciary for the advancement of the nation.

In response to allegations by Senator Abdul Ningi regarding budget implementation, Tinubu stated, “I know the arithmetic of the budget and the numbers that I brought to the National Assembly, and I know what numbers came back.” He expressed appreciation for the lawmakers’ handling of the budget and expressed optimism about overcoming economic challenges, noting, “The natural challenge we are facing will be over. On the current economic difficulty, we are about turning the corner.”

Tinubu also thanked the National Assembly for their swift attention to the Student Loan Amendment Bill. He urged tolerance, forgiveness, and charity during Ramadan and assured that those responsible for killing soldiers in Delta State will face justice. Tinubu pledged continued support to the military in neutralizing security threats, stating, “Our armed forces are working hard, and we will not allow attackers to undermine the integrity and value of our armed forces and its leadership.”

Senate President Godswill Akpabio thanked President Tinubu for hosting the dinner, emphasizing the importance of regular interactions for enhancing understanding and productive governance. He assured the President of the Senate’s continuous collaboration with the administration, stating, “We have no option but to work with you, and to do everything possible for this administration to succeed.”

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