Rema Opens Up About Those Who Imitate His Style

Rema recently sat down with the legendary producer Swizz Beats in an exclusive interview for Rollingstone magazine. In their conversation, the MTV VMA-winning singer shared his insights on the challenges he faces as an artist and the issue of people emulating his style without crediting his work.

Rema opened up about the dedication he pours into his music and why it holds such significance for him. He discussed the importance of his artistic journey and how he feels a sense of responsibility as one of the prominent figures in the Afrobeats genre. He emphasized that in Nigeria, being the first to break through and uplift one’s family from challenging circumstances carries a unique weight, with the understanding that it’s not just about personal success but also securing a better future for generations to come.

The artist also delved into his feelings regarding those who imitate his musical style. He expressed his honor at being considered a trendsetter, even though he often goes unrecognized for it. Rema acknowledged that he’s been on a relentless four-year journey of continuous music releases and growth, always pushing to evolve the sound and change the game.

He shared that he’s aware of the many artists who have drawn inspiration from his work and is flattered by it. Additionally, he discussed the significance of titles like “the prince of Afrobeats” and how they symbolize a recognition from the culture that he’s opened doors, even in just four years in the industry.

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