Rema’s ‘Calm Down’ Achieves Over 700 Million Views on YouTube

Rema keeps pushing boundaries, and his track ‘Calm Down,’ featuring pop sensation Selena Gomez, is inching towards the impressive one billion views milestone. Originally part of Rema’s Raves & Roses album, the Nigerian star later teamed up with American singer Selena Gomez to give the song a remix. The growing trend of collaborations between Nigerian and international artists is undeniable, and ‘Calm Down’ shines as Afrobeats’ major global success, topping charts and setting remarkable streaming records in multiple countries.

“Calm Down’s music video, dropped on September 7, 2022, has been raking in global praise. Surpassing 700 million views on YouTube, it’s on the verge of hitting the one billion mark—an impressive milestone.

Rema’s hit song just made history as the first collaboration to dominate the Billboard Pop Songs airplay chart for over a year. Adding to the buzz, Rema wowed the audience with a stellar performance of the track at the 2023 Ballon d’Or Award ceremony. In a recent interview with I-D magazine, the Nigerian superstar shared his vision of expanding Afrobeats into new territories, emphasizing his role as a bridge to unexplored possibilities.

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