Reno Omokri Criticizes Buhari Administration as Worst in Nigeria’s History

Former presidential aide Reno Omokri has labeled the Muhammadu Buhari administration as the worst government in Nigeria’s history. In a post on his official X (formerly Twitter) handle on Friday, Omokri asserted, “The Muhammadu Buhari administration remains the worst government in the history of the country.” He expressed his belief that Nigeria witnessed a total breakdown of the economy and security during Buhari’s eight-year tenure.

Omokri contrasted Buhari’s administration with that of former President Goodluck Jonathan, whom he praised as one of the best in Nigeria’s history. He argued that Jonathan’s government was driven by conscience rather than ego, suggesting a stark difference in leadership approach.

Regarding the handling of security issues, Omokri claimed that while Jonathan was able to defeat Boko Haram, the insurgency worsened during Buhari’s administration. He criticized Buhari for allegedly impoverishing the people and failing to secure the nation, accusing him and his cabal of enriching themselves.

Omokri also suggested that President Bola Tinubu should have probed Buhari’s administration. He further commented on the economic impact, stating, “Jonathan handed over an economy that was the largest in Africa, with a GDP of $540 billion. After eight wasteful years in office, Buhari wiped out $100 billion from our economy and handed over a GDP of $440.8 billion to Tinubu.”

In conclusion, Omokri warned against forgetting the alleged shortcomings of Buhari’s administration and urged Nigerians to remember the facts. He expressed concern that there might be attempts to whitewash Buhari’s legacy and shift blame to the current administration.

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