Rudeboy Voices Concern Over Inflation in Nigeria, Reveals Monthly N3 Million Diesel Expense

Nigerian singer Paul Okoye, also known as Rudeboy, recently made a candid revelation about the economic challenges facing the nation. Renowned for his musical talents and being one-half of the famous duo P-Square, he took to social media to shed light on the harsh reality of inflation and the increasing cost of living affecting everyday citizens.

Years ago, Paul Okoye proudly acquired his first car for a modest 120,000 Naira, an accomplishment celebrated by many in similar circumstances. However, in his message, he disclosed that he now spends a staggering 3 million Naira on diesel within a single month. This significant increase in expenses serves as a striking indicator of the dramatic surge in the cost of essential commodities, particularly fuel, with far-reaching consequences on daily life.

Paul Okoye’s revelation underscores the severe challenges brought about by rising living costs, shining a spotlight on the plight of the common man. It is a stark reminder that inflation and elevated prices of basic essentials have become a harsh reality for many Nigerians.

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