Samklef Accuses Tunde Ednut Of Being First Nigerian Blogger to Steal iPhone 7

Samklef, a music producer and musician, continues to publicly criticize and make allegations against celebrity blogger Tunde Ednut.

For several days now, Samklef has been vocal about his grievances with Tunde Ednut, sharing what he claims to be unjust actions against him. He recently posted a controversial message on his Instagram page, accusing Tunde Ednut of being the first Nigerian blogger to steal an iPhone 7.

Samklef has previously opened up about Tunde Ednut’s alleged attempts to sever their friendship and connection with Davido. He also asserted that Tunde Ednut explicitly expressed his dislike for him.

In response to these issues, Samklef appears to be expressing his discontent with Tunde Ednut. He even posted an image of Ednut with the caption: ‘Samklef facts… The 1st rich Nigerian blogger to steal iPhone 7.'”

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