Sarz Reveals the Reasons Behind His Absence From Collaborating With Davido

The renowned Nigerian producer Sarz, also known as “Sarz on the Beat,” recently shed light on why he and Davido haven’t teamed up for a collaboration. During an interview with Cool FM, Sarz debunked the public perception that he has been reluctant to collaborate with Davido. He clarified that he has indeed worked with Davido in the past, but none of those projects has been released.

Sarz went on to explain that there is no known conflict between them. Instead, the lack of a significant collaboration between them can be attributed to their individual creative preferences, busy schedules, and distinct artistic visions. Sarz noted, “I believe the way he operates and the way I work are quite different.” He further elaborated, “With Davido, there are usually a lot of people involved, whereas I’m accustomed to working closely with the artist and perhaps a couple of others. When there are too many people, I find it challenging to focus.”

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