Senator Maidoki Accuses National Assembly Leadership of Secretive Operations, Calls for Reforms

Senator Garba Musa Maidoki of Kebbi South Senatorial District has raised serious concerns about the National Assembly’s fairness in its operations, particularly under the leadership of Godswill Akpabio. Maidoki, a member of the Peoples Democratic Party, criticized the secrecy surrounding the 2024 Budget, warning that the Senate’s credibility could be at risk if immediate action is not taken.

In an interview with a national newspaper, Maidoki expressed his disappointment, stating, “The Senate and the National Assembly are losing their independence and ability to hold the Executives accountable. The National Assembly should be a strong arm of government, but its leadership is increasingly being influenced by the Executives.”

Regarding the 2024 budget, Maidoki revealed that new senators like himself were unaware of the budget’s details and were only provided with a brief summary during the debate. He expressed frustration at the lack of transparency, stating, “We thought what we passed was what had been signed by the President. We never knew there was something else beneath.”

Despite attempts to raise the issue in the Senate, Maidoki explained that many senators felt powerless due to various pressures and interests within the chamber. He highlighted a lack of unity and patriotism among senators, stating, “Patriotism is poor in the Senate. You don’t know who is on your side.”

Maidoki emphasized that the 2024 budget was passed without proper scrutiny or corrections, with many senators having no access to the complete document. He concluded by calling for urgent reforms to ensure transparency and accountability within the National Assembly.

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