Senator Ndume Condemns Electricity Tariff Hike, Calls for Government Reevaluation

Senate Chief Whip Displeased with Electricity Tariff Hike, Calls for Government Reconsideration

Senator Ali Ndume of Borno South has voiced his discontent regarding the recent surge in electricity tariffs, deeming the timing inappropriate. The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) had approved a substantial 300% increase for Band A consumers, a decision that has stirred controversy nationwide.

Senator Ndume, in a statement released on Saturday, criticized the tariff hike as unjust to Nigerians, particularly amidst the numerous challenges they face. He highlighted that citizens are still reeling from the removal of fuel subsidies, alongside grappling with soaring inflation, diminished purchasing power, escalating insecurity, and other financial burdens.

He urged the Federal Government to reconsider its stance, emphasizing the need to prioritize providing stable electricity, curbing inflation, stabilizing the naira, lowering food prices, and ensuring access to basic amenities before implementing such a tariff increase.

Furthermore, Senator Ndume questioned the lack of consultation with the National Assembly, which represents the interests of the populace. He stressed the importance of engaging with lawmakers before making decisions that directly impact the citizens they serve.

Ndume criticized the timing of the tariff hike, pointing out that many state governments are struggling to pay the current minimum wage of N30,000. He emphasized the need for the government to address these pressing issues before burdening the populace with additional financial responsibilities.

He called for a realistic approach that takes into account the hardships faced by Nigerians, urging the Federal Government to prioritize the welfare of its citizens and consult with the National Assembly before implementing significant policy changes.

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