Seun Kuti Receives Death Threat From Foreigner at Airport

Seun Kuti’s encounter with a man threatening him at Murtala Muhammed International Airport has gained widespread attention in a viral video. The Afrobeat superstar engaged in a heated exchange with a man who identified himself as an American, asserting that he would make calls for Seun.

Insisting on resolving their disagreement before leaving the airport, the tense moment has sparked reactions from social media users.


Baba say na I am going home when you were typing sht online you didn’t know.” 


My guy said don’t make me make phone caII all these caIl makers too dey get mouth.”


 “Some of you are funny sha… go abroad and threaten to kill someone as a Nigerian… you would be behind bars with the speed of light… even the foreigners that have killed Nigerians in Nigeria what have we done… absolute nothing.. we are our own problem. It’s okay as long as e no affect you directly.”


“So is Seun kuti na a police officer what power does he have to stop anybody for traveling even if the guy have a cases to answer that is not ur job to stop him from traveling let police do their job.”


“It’s like @bigbirdkuti is our naija Kanye west, we need this energy sometimes if not people will walk all over you. Keypad warrior wants to go home.”


 “Nobody is taking your passport, you’ve case in this country” You threaten to kpai person you come say u dey go home, you’re American.. Issokay.”


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