Seyi Vibez Unveils the Inspirations Behind His Artistic Sound and Style

Seyi Vibez, the rapidly ascending singer and performer, shared insights into the inspiration behind his music during an exclusive interview with Capital One Extra. The talented artist, who recently launched his record label and signed the first artist under the banner, is currently on a radio tour following the successful global release of his latest EP, NAHAMciaga.

When questioned about the influences shaping his eclectic sound and musical style, Seyi Vibez attributed a significant part of it to reconnecting with his African roots. Growing up, he was heavily influenced by foreign music, and this rediscovery played a pivotal role in molding his unique artistic expression.

He further highlighted the surge in popularity of Afrobeats, underscoring the trend of artists incorporating the culture of their country into the genre. Seyi Vibez expressed his commitment to this approach, aligning his sound with the vibrant fusion of contemporary music and cultural richness.

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