Sheik Ahmad Gumi Challenges DSS, Calls for Fair Trial for Tukur Mamu

Popular Nigerian Islamic cleric, Sheik Ahmad Gumi, has challenged the Department of State Services (DSS)’s authority to label his associate, Mallam Tukur Mamu, a terrorist financier, emphasizing that such a declaration should be left to the courts. This comes after the Federal Government released a list of entities, including individuals and firms, allegedly involved in terrorism financing, as reported by Naija News.

Mamu, a Kaduna-based publisher, has been in DSS custody since his arrest in Cairo, Egypt, in September 2022. He faces charges related to aiding terrorists who attacked the Abuja-Kaduna train in March 2022. Despite the ongoing trial, Sheik Gumi insists on awaiting the court’s verdict before passing judgment.

In a recent X Space event organized by Daily Trust, Sheik Gumi emphasized the importance of not trying Mamu in the media, urging the public to wait for the court’s decision. He questioned the DSS’s authority to declare Mamu a terrorist financier, stating, “Who declares someone a terrorist financer? Is it the court of law or a security agency?” He further stressed the need for due process, stating, “Once a case is in court, you allow the court to decide.”

Regarding Mamu’s arrest, Sheik Gumi clarified that it stemmed from a misunderstanding between Mamu and a committee responsible for releasing victims of terrorist attacks. He expressed hope that the court would deliver a just verdict and emphasized the need for a fair trial.

Sheik Gumi criticized the government for Mamu’s prolonged detention, describing it as intimidation and a form of terrorism. He urged the government to expedite Mamu’s trial and, if found innocent, to release him and offer an apology.

Despite the challenges, Sheik Gumi remains hopeful, stating, “Our hope is for them to finish successfully not in a bad light.” He emphasized the need for justice and expressed confidence that Mamu would emerge stronger from the ordeal.

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