Simi Criticizes Ashumsy, Nons Miraj, and Others for Video Featuring African Moms

Nigerian singer Simi has expressed her disapproval of popular skitmakers Ashmusy, Nons Miraj, and others for their recent viral video depicting African moms. The video, featuring the skitmakers having dinner in a disorderly fashion, has faced widespread criticism for its unfavorable portrayal of African mothers.

Simi vented her frustration on Twitter, stating:

Simi’s tweet ignited a lively discussion on social media, with some voicing support for her perspective while others came to the defense of the skitmakers.

A portion of the debate centers around the argument that the video should be viewed as nothing more than a humorous sketch and not be treated too seriously.

On the flip side, there are those who’ve emphasized the youth of the skitmakers, suggesting they might not fully grasp the negative stereotypes they unintentionally perpetuate.

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