Singer Fave Reveals: Nigeria’s Salvation Lies in Music, Not Government

Nigerian singer Fave recently grabbed headlines with her bold statement, asserting that music, rather than the government, holds the key to saving Nigeria. In a recent interview, when questioned about the country’s problems, Fave expressed her skepticism about the government’s ability to bring about meaningful change.

“I don’t have faith that the government can rescue Nigeria right now. It’s going to require something more potent – and that something is music,” declared Fave.

The emerging Afrobeat sensation argued that music possesses a unique power to unite and inspire people. She cited iconic Afropop figures like Fela Kuti, who, through their activism and music, instilled pride and hope in Nigerians during challenging periods.


Fave firmly believes that music can drive change in ways that formal politics have failed to achieve. As an artist, her goal is to motivate and uplift her fans while shedding light on the social issues that impact everyday Nigerians.

Responses to Fave’s stance have been varied. Some agree that music plays a crucial cultural role in advancing progress and enhancing lives, especially considering the disillusionment caused by government corruption and mismanagement.

On the other hand, there are those who argue that systemic issues necessitate policy changes and institutional reforms – solutions that music alone cannot provide. Access to education, employment, electricity, and other essential services also hinges on effective governance.

While Fave’s comments were intentionally provocative, most concur that a balance between creative and cultural influence and political determination is essential for Nigeria to realize its potential. Music can fuel inspiration, but responsive governance remains vital for addressing people’s basic needs.

Fave concludes that as artists, she and her peers must utilize their platform to catalyze social improvement, even as leaders grapple with longstanding challenges.

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