Small Doctor’s Home Engulfed in Fire, Suffers Property Loss

Popular Nigerian artist Small Doctor has suffered a huge property loss as it was revealed that a fire had engulfed his house in Lagos.

The singer, who was at the premises at the time, took to his social media platform to assure his fans that he was fine and that no life was lost as a result of the incident. It has not been confirmed as to what extent the damage on the premises had been, but the singer, who recently released a song titled No Pressure, took to his social media platform to share the following words, “No pressure for the Lord is with me. No life was lost. Ile Alaafin to o ewa lo bu kun. that is to say, king house wey burn na make beautification plenty. Iyanu ma shele soonest.”

Fans have been showing their support and concern for the singer, who revealed in an interview why he does not drink or smoke, even as an artist. He said in his interview with Beat FM that the reason he does not drink or smoke is as a result of his family background. He said, “I don’t drink, I don’t smoke…I don’t womanize. I don’t have a vice. Trust me. No cap. I have been like this since like a decade ago, trust me. Even before I got Visa to any other country.”

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