Spain Women’s Coach Jorge Vilda Dismissed

Spain’s women’s head coach, Jorge Vilda, has been removed from his managerial position as part of a broader restructuring within the country’s football administration, prompted by the ‘kiss-gate’ scandal involving Luis Rubiales. The decision to dismiss Vilda was driven by mounting pressure from the regional presidents’ committee of the Spanish FA, which has been grappling with the controversy surrounding Rubiales, a close ally of the coach.

Following a meeting with acting Spain FA president Pedro Rocha, Vilda’s dismissal was swiftly announced, accompanied by the historic appointment of Montserrat ‘Montse’ Tome as Spain’s first-ever female head coach, succeeding Vilda.

In a statement, the Spanish FA expressed gratitude for Vilda’s contributions, acknowledging his role in advancing women’s football in the country and highlighting his impeccable conduct both on and off the field. Vilda had led Spain to a World Cup victory during his tenure.

The controversy surrounding Rubiales, who was provisionally suspended by FIFA, added to the pressure on Vilda. He faced criticism for applauding Rubiales during a defiant speech, although he later distanced himself from Rubiales’ actions.

Vilda’s coaching methods had also divided the squad, with 15 Spain players writing a letter in September 2022, demanding his resignation due to concerns about their emotional well-being and allegations of unprofessional behavior. Despite this, Rubiales had previously supported Vilda, leading to a contentious situation within the team.

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