Spyro Surprises His Mom with a New Car Right After Purchasing His Third Mansion

Spyro, the music sensation behind the hit track “Who is Your Guy,” is once again in the spotlight, but this time for a heartwarming gesture. He surprised his mother with a brand-new car.

Not long ago, Spyro made headlines for buying a multi-million dollar home, and now he’s demonstrating his love and respect for his mother. He invited her over, saying he needed her assistance with his next album, but she got an unexpected surprise when she arrived at his house – a shiny new automobile.

As a child, Spyro had promised himself that he would one day buy a car like this for his mother, and he’s fulfilled that promise. When his mother saw the car, she was overwhelmed with emotion and began praying for her son with anointing oil, expressing her love and gratitude.

Spyro shared this touching moment on Instagram with the caption “Congrats, mama.” It’s evident that this gesture meant a lot to both Spyro and his mother, underscoring their strong bond.

Just a few weeks ago, Spyro had opened up about his financial journey, revealing that he started the year with less than 10,000 Naira in his account.


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