Super Falcons Ordega – I Want To Start Having Babies And Build My Family

Super Falcons Star Francisca Ordega Eager to Begin Family, Hints at Possible Pregnancy within Four Years

In an exclusive interview, Francisca Ordega, the talented forward of the Super Falcons, recently expressed her excitement about the prospect of starting her own family. Ordega, who was a key player in the Super Falcons squad during the 2023 Women’s World Cup, where they faced a heartbreaking loss to England in the round of 16, opened up about her future plans.

At 29 years old, Ordega revealed her intention to potentially become a mother within the next four years, saying, “Four years? I think I will be pregnant, I think I will have my babies then. Four years, I might have babies. I love babies. I might really,” with a smile, as she shared with EaglesTracker.

Ordega passionately expressed her desire to transition into family life and emphasized that her football career won’t last forever. She stated, “I might have babies. I don’t want to play football forever. I’m a woman. I’m beautiful. I don’t wanna play football forever. I want to start a family. I’m not saying in the next four years, but if you don’t see me, know that I don’t…” [smiles].

With unwavering determination, Ordega emphasized that the timing of parenthood was flexible, saying, “It can happen in the next one or three months. It doesn’t matter. It is what you want that God will give to you.”

Francisca Ordega’s revelation about her future plans adds a personal touch to her athletic journey, showcasing her aspirations beyond the football field.

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