Tems Sets the Record Straight: No Criticism of Nigerian Music in Kendrick Lamar Interview

Singer Tems has swiftly addressed false rumors following her recent revealing interview with rapper Kendrick Lamar. Reports had suggested that she criticized Nigerian music for being basic and lacking depth, but Tems vehemently denied making any such statements. In fact, she took to the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) to clear the air.

Tems, known for her deep appreciation of the richness and complexity of Nigerian music, was appalled by the misquotes that circulated. She emphasized the cultural significance that Nigerian music holds and expressed her love for it.

In her response to the fabricated reports, Tems called the media outlet’s implication embarrassing and distasteful. It’s clear that the talented artist has nothing but respect and admiration for her musical roots.

During her interview with Kendrick Lamar, Tems opened up on various aspects of her career. She shared insights into her journey into music, her decision to produce her own songs, and the artistic struggles she faces. This candid conversation allowed fans and listeners to gain a deeper understanding of Tems as both a person and an artist.

Tems’ interview with Kendrick Lamar was a thoughtful and insightful exploration of her life and career. Despite the false rumors that briefly overshadowed it, the interview stands as a testament to her commitment to her craft and her unwavering love for Nigerian music.


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