Teni Claps Back at Fans Criticizing Davido for Referring to Her as His ‘Younger Sister’

Nigerian singer Teniola Apata has made it clear that she holds no grudges against fellow artist Davido for calling her his younger sister. In a widely circulated video, she highlighted the various ways Davido has supported her in the music industry.

Teni expressed her gratitude and questioned the sensibility of those who took issue with the terminology, emphasizing her indifference to what Davido calls her. She emphasized the significant impact of their collaboration on her song, turning it into a massive hit.

Further showcasing Davido’s generosity, Teni shared an incident where he rescheduled commitments to extend the time for shooting a music video with her. Using the analogy of her driver addressing her respectfully as “madam” despite his seniority, Teni countered critics.

This revelation follows Teni’s recent recovery from an illness that temporarily affected her speech. The artist’s statements aim to shift the narrative away from perceived controversies, emphasizing mutual respect and collaboration in the music industry.


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