Teni Reveals Details of a Life-Threatening Throat Infection

Nigerian singer Teni has opened up about her struggle with a life-threatening throat infection she was diagnosed with in July 2023. During the recording of her second album, she shared her heartfelt journey in a video on social media. In the same video, Teni announced the release date of her upcoming album, ‘Tears of the Sun,’ set for November 17, 2023. This year, several celebrities, including Tiwa Savage and Drake, have also taken a break from their music careers to address health issues.


After facing repeated episodes of temporary voice loss, Teni sought medical advice to undergo a significant procedure to protect her vocal cords from potential permanent damage. In an emotional video, she expressed, “When you finally get to hear this album, I want you to listen from your heart, embrace it with your soul, and know that I put my all into it, speaking my truth straight from my heart, against all odds. Tears of the sun.”

Back in September, Teni shared her hospitalization due to multiple exhaustion episodes. She also underwent a series of medical injections to address the consequences of a throat infection. Fortunately, in October, she regained her voice. ‘Tears of the Sun’ is a gratitude-filled album.


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