Terry Apala Unveils Reasons for Declining Offers from Mavin Records and Burna Boy

Apala hip-hop artist Terry Alexandar Ejeh, widely known as Terry Apala, recently opened up about his decision to decline offers from Don Jazzy’s Mavin Records and Burna Boy’s Spaceship Entertainment. In an interview with The Nation, Terry credited his mother for influencing his choice, guiding him to be the focal point of any record label he associates with.

Despite enticing offers from industry heavyweights like Don Jazzy and Burna Boy, Terry chose Nelson Jack, a label where he could take center stage as the primary artist. “I was the problem,” Terry admitted, recalling his mother’s advice. “Your kind of music is different; if you’re in any label, you are to be the face.”

Sharing his encounters with Don Jazzy and Burna Boy in 2015, Terry explained, “Don Jazzy sent me a contract a week after we met, but I couldn’t sign it because I knew where I belonged.” Burna Boy’s offer also came, but Terry insisted on being the face, leading him to sign with Nelson Jack.

However, Terry Apala disclosed the challenges he faced with Nelson Jack, including restrictions on releasing music, interviews, and performances. Reflecting on the hardships, he said, “Two years ago, I wasn’t doing anything. I had issues with the label; the court restricted me from dropping songs, interviews, or shows for a year or two. At one point, I was begging for food.”

Despite the struggles, Terry expressed gratitude for the lessons learned, stating, “This whole thing taught me more about life. Thank God for the Apala fusion because if I was doing like other sounds, Terry Apala would have gone.”

Terry Apala’s resilience and dedication to his unique music style have significantly influenced his journey in the industry, highlighting the significance of artistic identity and individuality.

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