Three Real Madrid Players Apprehended for Alleged Involvement in Minor’s Sexual Assault Case

The Spanish police have officially reported the arrest of three Real Madrid players on charges of sexual assault against a teenage girl. According to information from the Spanish news outlet El Confidencial, the victim’s mother approached the authorities, alleging that one of the trio had recorded a sexual video of the minor and distributed it without her consent. The Civil Guard representative in Gran Canaria confirmed that the evidence indicated the teenager had not given her consent in the video.

A statement from the Civil Guard stated, “A mother, accompanied by her daughter under the age of 16, has filed a report with the police in Santa Maria de Guía, Las Palmas province, Gran Canaria, alleging the existence of recordings of her daughter’s supposedly consensual sexual encounters. These recordings were made without her consent and are now circulating. The incidents in the town of Mogan date back to mid-June, but she recently discovered the existence of these images.”

It has been clarified that none of the accused players are part of the first team. Currently, their mobile phones have been confiscated, and they have been released temporarily. The arrests took place earlier today. One of the detainees is a player from Real Madrid Castilla, while the other two belong to Real Madrid C. Another player from Real Madrid C is under investigation.

Real Madrid, in an official statement on their website, acknowledged the allegations made against their players, stating, “Real Madrid has been informed that a Castilla player and three Real Madrid C players have provided statements to the Civil Guard regarding a complaint concerning the alleged sharing of a private video via WhatsApp. We will take appropriate action once we have a comprehensive understanding of the situation.”

The identities of the three players are being withheld from the public until the conclusion of the investigations.

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