Tonto Dikeh Extends Helping Hand to Ailing SolidStar

Nollywood sensation Tonto Dikeh recently took to her Instagram, displaying her compassion as she sought ways to connect with singer SolidStar’s family. The reason behind this heartfelt gesture? A poignant video posted by SolidStar’s brother, showcasing the singer in distress, wrestling with his mental health and desperately in need of assistance.

For Tonto Dikeh, her relationship with SolidStar goes way back. She fondly recalls how he played a pivotal role in her music career kick-off in 2015. SolidStar’s selfless encouragement and unwavering support were instrumental in her early musical endeavors, without expecting anything in return.

Tonto Dikeh initially ventured into music in 2013 and even secured a record label deal with D’banj. However, she put her music career on hold when she became more of a source of amusement than entertainment for her audience.

In her heartfelt Instagram post, she states, “How can I get through to Solidstar’s management or family? That’s my street blood, man. He was ready to sacrifice it all for me to do well musically. Na me no just hear word! He never charged a penny, never got a gift, not even a hug. Such a selfless human.”

Her post also reflects the sadness she feels witnessing her former friend’s struggle with mental health issues. It’s a poignant reminder of how life can be lonely at the top and equally lonely when you’re no longer there. Tonto Dikeh’s genuine concern and desire to help SolidStar are heartwarming, offering a glimmer of hope for a heartfelt reunion and support during challenging times.

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