VeryDarkman’s Delight: Davido’s Surprise Leaves Him Thrilled, and He Shares the Moment

“Amidst the ongoing controversy and clashes, VeryDarkman, the outspoken commentator, couldn’t contain his excitement when superstar singer Davido Adeleke unexpectedly brightened his day, despite facing criticism from trolls.

In a recent Instagram post, VeryDarkman shared his elation, revealing how hurtful comments from trolls had nearly spoiled his day until he received a DM from Davido, commending his work. What’s more, he was thrilled to discover that Davido had also started following his page.

With gratitude in his heart, VeryDarkman pledged not to let trolls bother him, taking inspiration from Davido’s comforting gesture. He shared his thoughts in a post, stating, ‘Life might not be fair, but with @davido, let’s see who has the last laugh.’ 🎶🙌”

Watch Video Below;

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