Video: BBNaija Star Doyin David Stumbles Over Nigeria’s Nobel Laureate Question

Doyin David, a former Big Brother Naija star, has become a hot topic on X following her recent appearance on the Channels TV program Morning Brief, where she struggled to answer fundamental current affairs questions.

During the interview, David managed to answer some questions correctly but stumbled over several others, drawing attention to her incorrect responses.

When asked about the identity of the Inspector General of Police, she admitted her lack of knowledge on the matter. Additionally, she was unable to provide the name of Nigeria’s sole Nobel laureate when questioned.

In response to her difficulty with current affairs questions, David redirected the interview towards entertainment topics, citing it as her area of expertise.

Nigerians took to X to express their astonishment at David’s apparent lack of awareness, particularly regarding Wole Soyinka’s Nobel Laureate status.

The incident has sparked widespread discussion and debate, prompting reflection on the importance of being informed about basic current affairs topics.

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