Why Mohbad’s Body Hasn’t Been Exhumed: Nigeria Police Reveals

The Lagos State Police Command has addressed the situation regarding the late Mohbad’s body, which has not yet been exhumed for an autopsy and other related matters.

According to a police source who spoke with Linda Ikeji’s Blog (LIB) on Tuesday, September 19, the state command is currently awaiting the completion of necessary paperwork with the state Ministry of Health as part of their investigative process.

As per the source, it is anticipated that Mohbad’s body will be exhumed either on Wednesday, September 20, or no later than Thursday, September 21, for the purpose of conducting an autopsy.

Mohbad tragically passed away on September 12 under controversial circumstances and was laid to rest on September 13. In response to public demands for an autopsy, the Lagos State Police Command established a 13-member committee on Monday, September 19, tasked with conducting a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding his demise.

This committee is expected to deliver its report within a span of two weeks.

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n_a_t_h1: These people are joking with us, Moh body has spent 7days 6ft down already, decay process has begun From three to five days after death, the body will begin to bloat from gasses produced from internal decomposition. The body could actually double in size and turn a greenish color. Extremely unpleasant and long-lasting odors called putrification begins. Blood and foam will begin to seep from the mouth. Insects often contribute to decomposition in this stage.

Stage Three: Decay Active decay begins in the period between a week to 10 days following death. Fluids evacuate from the body’s orifices and muscles and other soft tissues begin to liquefy. Teeth and nails will fall out in the coming weeks and as the body liquefies, it will lead to a reduction in insect activity. The body will turn from green to red.

There’s no time to waste as decomposition reduces the accuracy of the autopsy results. #justiceformohbad

nene_george: Police has started their magomago. Someone is behind this. Arrest everyone including the IGP.

iameniolamyde: Wasn’t it meant to happen yesterday ? These people better not be political about this thing . We won’t agree.

ewalagos_fh:  Na baba Mohbad I blame…. I’m still yet to understand why he rushed that burial… Olohun a dajo!

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