Wizkid Achieves Numerous Gold Certifications in Belgium

Wizkid, the global music sensation, has added another impressive milestone to his career by receiving three new Gold certifications in Belgium for his chart-topping tracks.

The Nigerian superstar’s songs, “Made in Lagos,” “Essence,” and “Joro,” have all attained Gold status in Belgium, indicating their tremendous popularity and impact.



In the music industry, certification awards are a testament to an artist’s ability to engage audiences and leave a lasting mark. These certifications are granted by independent organizations when songs or albums reach a specific number of units sold, streamed, or downloaded. In Wizkid’s case, his tracks have resonated with audiences worldwide.

The Belgian certifications underscore the artist’s increasing international appeal. “Made in Lagos” achieved Gold status with 10,000 units sold, while “Essence” and “Joro” both achieved Gold status with a remarkable 20,000 units sold each. This outstanding accomplishment emphasizes the broad reach and influence of Wizkid’s music.

These certifications are based on guidelines from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), which equates 1 equivalent album unit to 1500 song streams, 10 song downloads, or 1 album sale. This formula reflects the changing landscape of music consumption, where streaming and digital downloads are pivotal in an artist’s success.

Wizkid’s “Made in Lagos” album, featuring tracks like “Essence” and “Joro,” has been a global sensation, captivating listeners with its unique fusion of Afrobeat and R&B. “Essence,” in particular, gained significant traction, becoming a fan favorite and even attracting remixes with international stars like Justin Bieber. The song’s cultural significance and appeal have propelled it to Gold status in Belgium

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