Wizkid Reacts Quickly as Fan Tries to Snatch Diamond Necklace During Get-Together With Davido

Nigerian global superstars Wizkid and Davido have been delighting fans with their newfound camaraderie. Their recent hangout at Club Everything in Lagos, highlighted by a clip of them showering dollar notes, has become a memorable moment for their followers.

However, the online buzz escalated when a video capturing Wizkid’s rapid response to a fan trying to grab his diamond necklace went viral. Amidst the festive atmosphere of money spraying, Wizkid’s protective instincts and quick reflexes took center stage, sparking discussions among fans and the online community.


Watch The Video Below;

The video making rounds on social media has brought a new perspective to the story of the duo’s hangout, highlighting the importance of increased security, even in moments of celebration. As conversations about the incident continue, Wizkid’s decisive response has emphasized the difficulties that come with fame and the importance of staying vigilant, even in seemingly relaxed situations.

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