Wizkid Responds to Portable and Skepta’s Presence At The British Fashion Awards 2023

Wizkid, the Grammy award-winning Nigerian singer, recently shared his thoughts on the unexpected turn of events involving street pop artist Portable and British rapper Skepta.

Taking to his social media, Wizkid posted a picture of Portable accompanying Skepta to the British Fashion Awards 2023. It was a surprising moment as Portable, known for his controversial persona, attended the event as a guest of Skepta, who specifically reached out to meet him after confirming the singer’s presence in the United Kingdom.


This collaboration gained attention, especially since Portable had expressed his eagerness to work with Wizkid, believing it could be a pivotal moment in his artistic career. The British Fashion Awards appearance was a twist that many hadn’t anticipated.


Portable had a memorable encounter with the international star, Skepta. He couldn’t contain his excitement and shared the joyful experience with fans on social media. Additionally, Portable proudly displayed the monetary gift he received from Skepta on the day they met.

Wizkid Responds to Portable and Skepta's Presence At The British Fashion Awards 2023

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