Wizkid Surprises The People Of Makoko With Christmas Gifts

Wizkid pleasantly surprised the Makoko community with unexpected gifts to mark the festive season in 2023. The Grammy award-winning singer initiated a feeding project for the residents, and social media buzzed with videos showcasing the distribution of foodstuffs, accompanied by words of praise for Wizkid’s thoughtful gesture.

On December 11, 2023, Wizkid, the renowned Nigerian singer and songwriter, announced a generous donation of 100 million naira for children of all ages, aiming to spread festive cheer during the Christmas season.

Known for his philanthropy and support for underprivileged children, Wizkid expressed his desire to contribute to the well-being of the less privileged in his unique way. Fans and followers widely lauded this charitable commitment, appreciating Wizkid’s dedication to making a positive impact on lives.

Wizkid confirmed that the 100 million naira donation would benefit children across the country, starting from his own area, Surulere.

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