Zlatan Ibile attributes career breakthrough to Olamide’s influence

Nigerian rapper Zlatan Ibile recently opened up about the pivotal role Olamide, the YBNL boss, played in shaping his music career.

During an interview with popular Nigerian YouTuber Korty EO on December 28, Zlatan shared his journey of seeking collaboration with Olamide, recounting how persistent messages on Snapchat eventually led to a life-changing verse.

Zlatan had anticipated a rap collaboration but was surprised when Olamide, recognizing the formula for success, opted for an Afrobeats song,

‘My Body.’ This strategic move catapulted Zlatan to stardom, catching the attention of Davido, who further fueled his rise. The story underscores the significant impact established artists like Olamide can have on emerging talents, shaping their trajectories in the music industry.


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