Black Sherif Drops a new single ‘OH NO’

Ghanaian music sensation Black Sherif has treated his fans to a fresh musical delight with his latest single, “Oh No.” As the year comes to a close, the rapper takes the spotlight, gifting his audience with a resonant melody for the festive season. Much like his previous tracks, “Oh No” narrates Black Sherif’s journey, struggles, and triumphs.

In this new release, Black Sherif engages in a conversation, addressing skeptics and naysayers who once questioned his potential. The lyrics delve into his personal experiences, recounting moments when others doubted his abilities, labeled him as lazy, and dismissed his chances of success. “Oh No” stands as a powerful response, a declaration of resilience and victory against the odds.

Enhancing Black Sherif’s captivating storytelling are the collaborative efforts of skilled beatmakers Samsney and Joker Nharnah, co-producers of the track. Together, they craft a sonic landscape that amplifies the emotional depth of the lyrics.

“Oh No” marks Black Sherif’s second release this year, following his previous package, “Take Care of Yourself Blacko,” featuring the songs “Yawa” and “Simmer Down.” In the Ghanaian music scene, this talented artist continues to carve his niche, leaving a significant mark with each release.

Listen Below;

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