Dremo Drops Latest Single: ‘She Dey Give Dem’

Nigerian rapper, singer, and songwriter Dremo is back on the music scene with a hot new single titled “She Dey Give Dem,” offering a tantalizing glimpse into what’s coming in the year ahead.

The track, produced by The Beat Murderer, boldly embraces risqué lyrics from the get-go. Dremo fearlessly uses his lyrical skill to vividly portray the subject, leaving nothing to the imagination.

In this audacious piece, Dremo openly describes the irresistible qualities of the woman in question, employing bold lines like “For my face she ride plenty mileage.” Beyond its explicit content, “She Dey Give Dem” strategically closes out the year for Dremo, setting the stage for a potentially successful 2024.

The track serves as a memorable finale, ensuring Dremo’s lingering presence in the minds of listeners as they step into the new year. The production by The Beat Murderer not only complements Dremo’s explicit verses but also adds an extra layer of depth to create an unforgettable musical experience.

Listen to She Dey Give Dem by Dremo Below;

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