El-Rufai vs. Tinubu: The Legal and Political Showdown

Former Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, is gearing up for a legal battle with President Bola Tinubu, seeking to clear his name amidst allegations of being a security risk and preparing for a political showdown impacting Tinubu’s potential re-election bid in 2027.

The brewing conflict stems from Tinubu’s administration’s controversial decision to exclude El-Rufai from ministerial office over alleged security concerns, a move that has sparked significant public and political debate. El-Rufai’s recent engagements with the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and opposition figures indicate his growing alignment with political dissent.

Despite his pivotal contributions to Tinubu’s presidential campaign, El-Rufai, who had initially expressed a desire to take a break in academia, was persuaded to contribute to the government’s energy sector revival plans. However, he was unexpectedly sidelined during the Senate’s screening process over security clearance issues.

El-Rufai’s exclusion shocked many political observers, considering his influential role in rallying Northern governors’ support for Tinubu and his instrumental actions in Tinubu’s electoral success in key Southwestern states.

A source close to El-Rufai disclosed that the camp of the former governor believed it was wrong for him to have been publicly humiliated and tagged a security risk. El-Rufai is reportedly preparing to clear his name in court, leveraging his international contacts and reputation.

In addition to legal action, El-Rufai is mobilizing to play a role against Tinubu in the court of public opinion ahead of 2027. Whether he will stand as a candidate or mobilize against the president is yet to be determined.

El-Rufai’s strategic facilitation for Tinubu came after he had criticized Tinubu as a godfather, suggesting it was possible to defeat him. Despite their past differences, El-Rufai is now positioning himself for a legal and political confrontation with Tinubu.

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