Mercy Chinwo Shares Touching Video Of Her Son and Nathaniel Bassey

Gospel singer Nathaniel Bassey recently paid a special visit to Charis, the newborn son of fellow gospel artist Mercy Chinwo and her husband.

The heartwarming encounter, captured in a delightful Instagram video, showcased Nathaniel cradling the infant while sharing joyous moments with Mercy Chinwo and her husband, Pastor Blessed.

During the visit, Nathaniel offered heartfelt prayers for Charis and expressed his anticipation of becoming the little one’s trumpet teacher in the future. This touching interaction highlights the close-knit bonds within the gospel music community.

Pastor Blessed, husband of Mercy Chinwo, recently announced the gender of their new baby, adding to the happiness surrounding their expanding family. Through these personal moments, the gospel singers offer fans and well-wishers a peek into the strong bonds and support within the gospel music community, extending beyond the stage.


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