Rema Addresses Speculations About the Symbolism in His New EP Art

Rema has directly responded to social media discussions linking his upcoming 2023 project, “DND – Ravage by Rema,” to rumored connections with the Illuminati, an occult group.

After surprising fans with the announcement of his second project for 2023 in the form of a video, social media erupted with reactions. While there have been various speculations surrounding the EP, set to drop on October 27, 2023, one theory that captured Rema’s attention was the suggestion of a link to The Illuminati.

In a message on his social media platform, the singer clarified that the bat concept has been associated with him since his debut days due to its symbolism and representation of his origins. He stressed that attributing his project to an occult group was unjust, given his hard work and dedication to his music.

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