Victor Osimhen Released Official Statement on Napoli Saga

Victor Osimhen, the Super Eagles forward, has addressed the recent situation between him and Napoli in an official statement. The controversy arose from a humorous Tiktok video posted by Napoli, in which Osimhen was heard playfully appealing for a penalty and then missing the shot.

In his statement released on October 1, 2023, Osimhen emphasized his positive experience in Naples since arriving in 2020. He defended the people of Naples, expressing gratitude for their support and debunking the accusations against them. Osimhen also thanked Nigerians and everyone who supported him and called for unity, respect, and understanding.

Napoli had previously issued a statement on September 28, 2023, clarifying that they had no intention of mocking or humiliating Osimhen, recognizing him as a valuable asset to the club and promising to treat him with respect.

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