BNXN Reveals ‘Sincerely, Benson’ Album Was Crafted as an Emotional Letter

In his latest album, “Sincerely, Benson,” Bnxn takes listeners on a profound journey into the depths of his music. Across its 15 tracks, he delves into the meanings and origins of each song, offering fans a unique behind-the-scenes experience.

In an interview with Apple Music, Bnxn describes the album as a letter of emotions, emphasizing its vulnerability and how he poured his feelings into the music. He hopes that people will connect with his life through this musical journey.

Among the 15 tracks, Bnxn generously shares the stories behind 13 of them, providing fans with an intimate understanding of his creative process. He reveals the inspirations that fueled each composition, shedding light on the raw emotions and experiences that influenced the music. Additionally, he unveils which songs on the album incorporate samples from other musical works, adding a deeper layer of appreciation for the album’s intricate craftsmanship.

It’s worth noting that Bnxn excludes the breakdown for “Best of Me” and “Toxic.” However, for “Pidgin” and “English,” he opens up about the confessional nature of the piece, analyzing a night where he cheated. This confession offers fans a glimpse into his personal life and emotions.


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