Odumodublvck Reiterates Their Position On Viewing Abortion as Equivalent to Murder

Nigerian rapper Tochukwu Ojogwu, widely recognized as Odumodublvck, recently discussed his unwavering stance on abortion, denouncing it as an act of murder.

Speaking on the Zero Conditions podcast aired on Sunday, December 24, Odumodublvck attributed his viewpoint to religious convictions, emphasizing the moral objection he holds towards abortion.

He asserted that, based on his beliefs, encountering Jesus would affirm the divine disapproval of abortion.

Declaring his convictions, Odumodublvck stated, “I don’t believe in abortion. I see it as murder because that’s what my Bible tells me.” The artist expressed confidence that even if faced with Jesus, the divine figure would convey the impropriety of abortion. Additionally, Odumodublvck voiced his disagreement with the notion that “prostitution is a profession,” challenging this perspective by underscoring the belief that the human body belongs to God.


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